Posted by: sthmseniorseminar | February 16, 2010

Social Media: Who’s watching you?

Have you ever wondered how social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube can help or hurt your career?

Well, one thing is certain that the development of these social networking sites has hugely impacted the way people interact and share information with one another. People can join different networks and put whatever information that they want out there in the open. This freedom of expression however, if not exercised carefully, could potentially cause problems on your career life, relationship, and reputation.

I am sure many of you must have heard stories from your professors, classmates, co-workers, family, boss, … (depends on how big your network is =]) about people who got into trouble because of what they posted online. If you have not, check out these stories about employees who got fired because of their Facebook activities and posts.

There have been many debates over online privacy in the past. But the question is, is there even such thing as privacy on the internet? What you post online will automatically become public consumption. Surely, there is privacy policy or setting, but somehow people or companies can always find a loophole and get around that. / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

This semester for the first time, Montague and Associates created a new committee called Social Media Committee. In dealing with the fast-growing trend of social networking, students need to be educated and reminded of the impacts all these media can have. As future leaders and industry professionals, students must know how to utilize and take advantage of social media and not fall into the trap as what happened in stories above. In short, the new Social Media Committee is responsible to make use of all these tools for the class’ benefit and to ensure that professional development of students is not only happening “offline” but also “online”.


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