Posted by: Tim | February 17, 2010

School spirit or going too far?

As text messaging, facebook, twitter, and other sorts of media have become extremely popular over the past few years, theres always been stories in the news about how this technology is being abused. Whether its pro-athletes such as Chad Johnson Ochocinco twittering about what he’ll do to get fined in his next game or students harassing players via text messages, it seems to be here to stay…for now.

Last night, while watching the Kentucky vs Mississippi State NCAA basketball game, I found out that virtually the entire Mississippi State community had somehow gotten Kentucky’s DeMarcus Cousin’s cell phone number and reportedly sent hundreds of prank calls and mean-spirited/racist text messages to his phone. These fans were also very active during the game when some were seen throwing cups of ice and bottles of water on the court during the final seconds of the game.

The same thing has happened recently to new USC football coach, Lane Kiffin after leaving Tennessee for the new coaching gig. Kiffin had to have 3 police officers at his house while he was preparing to move to Southern California because of the death threats he received via phone. Tim Tebow also fell victim to the vulgar calls and messages from LSU fans and other schools throughout his career at Florida.

So this raises the question: are these types of behavior just strong school spirit, or mean-spirited individuals abusing technology? What are your thoughts on this issue?



  1. They are just strong school spirit with a new spin. It is no longer signs and yelling. Technology is different and it used in different mediums than most are used too.

  2. I agree with Seth, this is just school spirit in the 21st century.

    Great job, on your first post!

  3. This is an example of technology being abused by both players and fans. Players are aware of the fines they could get if abusing technology, but they can afford to lose that money to get across a message they feel passionate about. Fans, on the other hand, do not have as serious a punishment as, let’s say, getting fined $10,000. Therefore, it is abusing both technology and their school spirit.

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