Posted by: Tim | February 25, 2010

A Time to Celebrate

Our second featured article is written by Emily McFadden of the Human Resources Committee, section 2. She provides an insight into ways to celebrate Black History Month right here in Philadelphia, PA. Please enjoy!

In the business of tourism, we are constantly looking for places to celebrate, innovative ways to experience something new, and creative outlets to broaden our spectrum. Conveniently, the opportunity for experiencing events is just a subway ride away. Center City, Philadelphia is home to dozens of museums, theaters, restaurants, hotels, etc. This historic city is bursting with culture and heritage. February in Philadelphia is a special time to collaborate these events with the culture that resides in this city of brotherly love. Black History Month brings Philadelphians and outsiders alike together to enjoy, learn, and experience some of the finest cultural events around. The Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation (GPTMC) is responsible for marketing and promoting such a well-rounded collaboration of events. This month at the African American Museum step back in time and explore an engaging timeline documenting the lives of the African-American community. Just around the corner, the exhibit of the legendary George Washington Carver is featuring at the Academy of Natural Sciences. Looking for something a bit more melodic? Venture down to the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts. This February, performances include an ensemble of blues, gospel, rap, reggae, jazz, and many more celebrating and retelling battles for justice. Come support one of our own Temple University Professor’s Nilgun Anadolu-Okur, as she narrates the gripping stories of individuals who worked to aid runaway slaves on the Underground Railroad. Her novel, Heroes, Spies and Villains of the Underground Railroad, can be retold at the Mercer Museum on February 21st. If you really want to step in the lives of those fighting for freedom, join Richard White as he guides the past journeys of the abolitionist’s movement through historic Philadelphia. The journey begins at the African American Museum so make your reservations now. Each and any one of these events is a reason to celebrate, to explore the unknown, and learn about a unique heritage. With the help of the GPTMC, experiences take place and memories are created. Don’t miss this opportunity!


(2010, February 3) “Philadelphia Celebrates African-American History”, Philadelphia Region Local News.


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