Posted by: Tim | March 17, 2010

First Blog Contest: Name That Professional!

Our first contest will be taking place today until Friday, March 19th. The first person to correctly identify 15 professionals from the 20 hints below will receive complimentary CPR/First-Aid training courtesy of Senior Seminar. The training will take place on Friday March 19th from 4:30-7:30 and Saturday March 20th from 1:30-4:30. Both sessions are in Alter Hall 031 and you only need to attend one of the sessions in order to be certified. As a reminder, all STHM students need to be certified in CPR/First-Aid in order to graduate, so here is your chance to get it for free!

Now for the contest…

You will need to access our newsletter in order to match the faces with the hints provided below. Here they are:

  1. President, Chief Operating Officer – Ritz-Carlton Hotels
  2. Former Hollywood producer turned NFL team owner
  3. Director General – Dubai Dept of Tourism and Commerce
  4. CEO of ESPN
  5. Commissioner – Major League Soccer
  6. Vice President Environmental Stweardship – Royal Caribbean Cruises, USA
  7. President, CEO of WTTC
  8. Founder of “Wild China”
  9. Senior VP of Asia Pacific – Greater China. (Accor)
  10. Chair, CEO – Conrad Hotels
  11. Executive Director of Africa Travel Association
  12. President, CEO – Global Jet Shares
  13. Executive Director of Kansas City Convention & Visitors Bureau
  14. Former team owner turned commissioner in 1992
  15. (Former) General Manager – Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay
  16. First and only commissioner who oversaw expansion of his league
  17. Vice President, Jazz-recording artist – Atlanta CVB
  18. President, CEO – Detroit Metro CVB
  19. Chairman, CEO of one of the world’s largest hotel chains
  20. President, CEO – NABHOOD

Please email your answers to: In order to be considered, your answers must be submitted after each hint as such:

  1. Commissioner of NFL – ROGER GOODELL

We will announce the winner on the blog once someone correctly guesses the 15…so don’t hesitate!



  1. Remember… the goal is to MATCH the picture on the newsletter to the hints. While google is a useful tool for identifying the hints, the answers may not be what we are looking for. Utilize google images. Also, you may want to submit more than 15 in case you get one wrong!

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