Posted by: Tim | March 31, 2010

Undergraduate Spotlight: Maura Marrone

Our undergraduate spotlight aims to connect STHM students with seniors in the senior seminar classes. It is also our goal to recognize student leaders in the program that exemplify what STHM is all about. Our first spotlight is on Maura Marrone, a 20 year old sophomore who is a tourism and hospitality management major.

Maura’s leadership roles include being an Owl Ambassador and assistant coordinator for special events for Temple University Undergraduate Admissions, marketing coordinator for the STHM Student Association, special projects coordinator for the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International – Temple Chapter, and was an executive intern for the Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Maura is a third generation Temple student. While she had applied to a different program for every school she applied to, she ended up realizing that Temple was the place for her. Her favorite class so far was Intro to Tourism and Hospitality and is looking forward to taking Program and Special Events.

When asked about her take on globalism and the tourism/hospitality industry, she says that globalism plays an integral role, especially in special events. “As a planner one must be aware of the different cultural cues; whether it is the use of international symbols or hiring bilingual staff. Global awareness also allows one to understand how to reach out to different cultures and appeal to them to get them to the city of Philadelphia”.

We also asked Maura what position she would prefer once she enters into senior seminar. She said she would prefer either the newsletter committee so she could expand her knowledge of what goes into putting a newsletter together or the budget and finance committee to learn the proper management of financial accounts.

In the future, Maura would prefer living on the west coast, particularly San Francisco or San Diego, and would like to plan large scale events.

On behalf of the social media committee, I would like to thank Maura for participating in our first undergraduate spotlight. We wish you the best of luck throughout the rest of your school and throughout your career!

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