Posted by: katiearowan | April 12, 2010

Undergraduate Spotlight – Jeanie Yang

Jeanie Yang

Age: 22 years

Undergraduate Level:


Leadership roles:

Student Professional Organization representative for Meeting Planners International


Jeanie has attained an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts at the Community College of Philadelphia.

She transferred to Temple University because of her interest in the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management.

Favorite class within the program:

Jeanie’s favorite class is Hospitality Operations because she likes the hands on approach that Professor Greg DeShields provides for his students. Some events that Jeanie has experienced this semester in this class include the sales blitz, housekeeping project, and her final project consists of students creating their own hotels.

Prediction for her favorite STHM class: Jeanie is eager to start Senior Professional Development Seminar and thinks that this class will be her favorite.

If she could teach a class for a day:

STHM related class: Jeanie would teach Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality Management because she feels as though she could teach the students all about her experience in the program.

Non-STHM related class: Jeanie would teach Family and consumer Sciences or Family economics.

What are your thoughts on Globalism and the Tourism and Hospitality Industry?

Globalism is a very important part of the Tourism and Hospitality Industry. It will only continue to grow and it is important that we are educated on this topic. Management Information courses can teach us everything we need to know with regard to this subject.

Positions preferred in Senior Seminar:

Jeanie is flexible and does not have a specific preference, however, since she is comfortable with fundraising and membership she would like to be exposed to a different position.

New STHM course:

Jeanie feels as though there should be more of an emphasis on the Sport and recreation classes. She feels as though this major does not provide as many opportunities as the Tourism and Hospitality major. She feels as though a class similar to Hospitality operations that is related to Sport and recreation management would help with this issue.

Where would you like to be in Five years?

In five years, Jeanie would like to be living on the West coast in California preferably in San Diego at a Boutique Hotel. Jeanie also hopes to hold and maintain a management position at a hotel similar to the Kimpton.

Ultimate dream life/job:

Jeanie would like to become a hotelier/entrepreneur and a good mentor for future leaders of the industry.

Suggestions on how to improve Senior Seminar:

With regard to the fund raising events – Prices to attend these events are sometimes too high and students cannot afford to attend.

Jeanie feels it would be a good idea to survey themes and locations to get students opinions. She would like senior seminar students to ask undergraduates and take votes on locations and themes of events.

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