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Cultural Awareness – Israel

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  • Capital – Jerusalem
  • Languages – Hebrew and Arabic
    • English most common foreign language
  • Population – 7,233,701
    • 97th in world
  • Religion – Jewish (76.4%)
    • Muslim (16%)
    • No official religion
  • Area – 8,522 square miles
    • 152nd in world
    • Slightly smaller than New Jersey
  • Independence – May 14, 1948
    • From League of Nations
  • Median age – 29.1 years
  • Literacy – 97.1%

Business in Israel

  • Typical Israeli businessperson is secular
    • Not religious
  • Business operates at 2 speeds: extremely slow vs. right now
  • English is increasingly the language of business
  • Work week: Sunday – Thursday; observance of Sabbath
    • Sundown Friday to sundown Saturday
  • Successful deals promise immediate return
    • Strong sense of fatalism due to history of war and attacks
  • Long decision making process
  • Confrontational and emotional negotiating style
    • Expect shouting
  • Some companies forbid employees from accepting gifts
    • Past problems with bribery

Some Useful Facts…

  • Large segment of Israeli Jews are secular
    • Rarely observe forms of Jewish faith
  • Views itself as a “multicultural mosaic”
    • Not a melting pot
  • Average visitor does not even witness violence
    • Even during high levels of terrorist activity
  • Do not adopt traditional native clothing
    • I.e. yarmulke, Arab headgear
    • Do practice modesty in dress (especially women)
  • Speak louder and stand closer than most North Americans
    • Less formal
    • Many have damaged hearing from military service
  • Equality of men and women
    • Both subject to army training
    • Many women in business
  • Jewish and Islamic calendars differ from Western
    • 28 day vs. 30 or 31 day
  • Women should not hand anything directly to Orthodox men
    • Place on table for him to pick up

Implications for our Fields

  • Tourism and Hospitality
    • Historical/cultural tourism
      • Holy Land of 3 religions
      • Western Wall, Dome of the Rock, Nazareth, Bethlehem, many UNESCO sites
      • Yad Vashem – Most museum per capita in world
    • Nature tourism
      • Modern beach resorts on Mediterrean
      • Red Sea, Dead Sea
    • Medical tourism
      • Travel to countries to have procedures at lower costs
      • $40M in revenue in 2005 – surgeries, accommodations, shopping, sightseeing
    • Ecotourism
      • Wildlife, farming, camping experiences
      • Nature reserves
  • Sport and Recreation
    • Soccer
      • Ligat ha’Al – Israeli Premier League
    • Basketball
      • Maccabi Tel Aviv – Top domestic league, one of best in Europe
    • Baseball
      • Israel Baseball League – Est. 2007, first in Middle East
    • Winter sports
      • Figure skating, skiing and snowboarding in Golan Heights


  • Educational trips to Israel for young Jewish adults (18–26)
  • Diminish divide between Jewish communities and Israel
  • 10-day trip sponsored by various organizations
    • Private philanthropists, people of Israel through government, Jewish communities around the world
  • All expenses paid – airfare, hotels, activities, meals

Toda raba!

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11th Annual Networking Seminar: 9 Days!

Not sure what you want to do when you graduate? Are you a freshman still figuring out what you can do in STHM? Then the 11th Annual Networking Seminar is for you! We have 20 vendors from the tourism, hospitality, sport, and recreation fields coming to Temple University’s Liacouras Center on Wednesday, April 21 from 5-7 PM. Cost is FREE. Dress is business professional. Resumes are not accepted (business cards only). This is your chance to pick the brain of industry professionals to find out how they got to where they are now!

Below you will find the list of vendors and a description of each. Click the logo to see their website.

The University of Pennsylvania is an Ivy League school located in West Philadelphia. Penn’s athletic program plays host to 16 different sports, many of them for both men and women. Penn-Recreation provides students with fitness programs and sports at both the club and intramural level for men and women.

The “SWB Yankees” are the AAA affiliate team of the New York Yankees. They made PNC Bank Field in Moosic, Pennsylvania their home in 2007. In 2009 they finished their season as runner-up in the International League Championship. Roger Clemens and Jason Giambi have both played as a Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankee.

The Holiday Inn Express Midtown is an affordable hotel located in the heart of Downtown Philadelphia. The hotel offers many amenities to its guests as well as easy access to many attractions in the downtown area. The Philadelphia Convention Center is within walking distance as well as many businesses and restaurants.

The HUB was established by John New and Bill Decker as a professional meeting place for companies. They also host parties, lunches, and a variety of other hospitality events. The HUB offers amenities such as digital projectors and screens, whiteboards, high-speed wireless internet, big screen televisions and much more.

Read More…

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Contest #2 Winner!

Congratulations to Kate Wells for winning our second contest! You will receive an email shortly about how to claim your prize. Our runner up was our first contest winner, Stefanie Johnson. Thank you for your participation once again!

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Undergraduate Spotlight – Jeanie Yang

Jeanie Yang

Age: 22 years

Undergraduate Level:


Leadership roles:

Student Professional Organization representative for Meeting Planners International


Jeanie has attained an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts at the Community College of Philadelphia.

She transferred to Temple University because of her interest in the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management.

Favorite class within the program:

Jeanie’s favorite class is Hospitality Operations because she likes the hands on approach that Professor Greg DeShields provides for his students. Some events that Jeanie has experienced this semester in this class include the sales blitz, housekeeping project, and her final project consists of students creating their own hotels.

Prediction for her favorite STHM class: Jeanie is eager to start Senior Professional Development Seminar and thinks that this class will be her favorite.

If she could teach a class for a day:

STHM related class: Jeanie would teach Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality Management because she feels as though she could teach the students all about her experience in the program.

Non-STHM related class: Jeanie would teach Family and consumer Sciences or Family economics.

What are your thoughts on Globalism and the Tourism and Hospitality Industry?

Globalism is a very important part of the Tourism and Hospitality Industry. It will only continue to grow and it is important that we are educated on this topic. Management Information courses can teach us everything we need to know with regard to this subject.

Positions preferred in Senior Seminar:

Jeanie is flexible and does not have a specific preference, however, since she is comfortable with fundraising and membership she would like to be exposed to a different position.

New STHM course:

Jeanie feels as though there should be more of an emphasis on the Sport and recreation classes. She feels as though this major does not provide as many opportunities as the Tourism and Hospitality major. She feels as though a class similar to Hospitality operations that is related to Sport and recreation management would help with this issue.

Where would you like to be in Five years?

In five years, Jeanie would like to be living on the West coast in California preferably in San Diego at a Boutique Hotel. Jeanie also hopes to hold and maintain a management position at a hotel similar to the Kimpton.

Ultimate dream life/job:

Jeanie would like to become a hotelier/entrepreneur and a good mentor for future leaders of the industry.

Suggestions on how to improve Senior Seminar:

With regard to the fund raising events – Prices to attend these events are sometimes too high and students cannot afford to attend.

Jeanie feels it would be a good idea to survey themes and locations to get students opinions. She would like senior seminar students to ask undergraduates and take votes on locations and themes of events.

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Cultural Awareness – India

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  • Capital – New Dehli
  • Language – Hindi (41%)
    • 14 other official languages
    • English has associate status; political/commercial communication
  • Population – 1,156,897,766
    • 2nd in world
  • Religion – Hindu (80.5%)
    • Muslim, Christian, Sikh
  • Area – 1,269,219 square miles
    • 7th in world
  • Independence – August 15, 1947
    • From United Kingdom

Business in India

  • Bargaining and negotiating is continual lifestyle
    • Multiple contract negotiations
  • May request impromptu meetings at late hours
  • Bow or nod with palms together, under chin, near heart
    • Used with “Namaste”
    • Peaceful greeting
    • Good alternative to handshake; appropriate for large meetings/individuals
  • No business conducted during religious holidays
    • Numerous holidays, dates change year to year
  • Less hurried attitude than North Americans
    • Do not understand concept of “time is money”
  • The word “no” has harsh implications
    • Use evasive refusals: be vague, avoid commitment, use “I’ll try”
  • Titles are highly valued
    • Always use professional titles
    • Do not use first name unless invited
  • Caste system plays a significant role in business/politics
    • Origin of system are still unclear
    • Government has outlawed discrimination but it still exists

Some Useful Facts…

  • Religion plays major role in most people’s daily lives
    • Hinduism and Buddhism were born in India
  • Many Hindus venerate cows
    • Do not wear leather, eat beef
  • Customary to refuse first and second offer of a refreshment
    • Accept on second or third offer
    • Completely refusing is an insult
  • Do not thank your host at the end of a meal
    • Thanks are considered a form of payment (insulting)
    • Instead invite them to dinner
  • Giving money to a beggar will result in being surrounded by dozens
    • Suggested to avoid even making eye contact
  • Consider head to be the seat of the soul
    • Never touch someone’s head, i.e. do not pat a child on the head
  • Whistling is considered impolite
    • In any and all circumstances
  • Do not point your feet at a person
    • Feet considered unclean
    • Apologize if your shoes/feet touch another person

Implications in our Fields

  • Tourism and Hospitality
    • Heritage sites
      • Taj Mahal, Golden Temple, Temple of Khajuraho
    • Nature tourism
      • Waterfalls, beaches, wildlife reserves, Himalayan mountains
      • Farm and rural tourism
    • Goa Carnival
      • 3 day celebration ending on Fat Tuesday
      • Former Portuguese colony maintaining Carnival tradition
      • Not celebrated anywhere else in India
    • Adventure tourism
      • Mountain climbing, river rafting/kayaking, skiing, paragliding
    • Service trips
      • Community and Social Services
  • Sport and Recreation
    • Field hockey
      • National sport
    • Cricket
      • Most popular sport in India
      • Ranked #1 in world
    • Badminton
      • Said to have originated in India more than 2000 years ago
    • Kabaddi
      • Team contact/wrestling sport that originated in India
      • One of most popular sports in villages
    • Golf
      • Emerging sport among wealthier population

Effect of Slumdog Millionaire

  • Increase of tour participants by 25%
  • Little objection from dwellers
    • Only to having their pictures taken
    • Tour company operates community center in slum
  • Mixed feelings from outsiders
    • “Crime against poverty”
    • Life-changing experience for visitors
  • Similar to tours of Brazilian favelas


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11th Annual Networking Seminar: 13 Days!

Only 13 days left! Check out our older posts for our flyers and promotional video!

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Come to Thunderbird Lanes this weekend!

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11th Annual Networking Seminar: 14 days!

It’s official… only 2 more weeks! Check out our website for a list of confirmed vendors!

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11th Annual Networking Seminar: 15 Days

Only 15 more days! Check out our vendors for more information!

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New Sponsor: Stadium Managers Association

The Stadium Managers Association (SMA) is an organization that educates and provides industry resources to assist professional and collegiate stadium managers in achieving the highest levels of facility administration and operation. SMA supports and promotes the professional relationships and networking among stadium managers, league officials and industry suppliers that contribute to the success of our members.

The Association is committed to being the primary industry resource for Sports Facility Managers and Leading Suppliers in the stadium industry.

Thank you to our newest sponsor and to our continued sponsorship from Primos, CrackedMacScreen, and Xerox!

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